Kids Channel Montessori Toddlers Playgroup

Our Toddler classes are taught by highly qualified and experienced teachers with over 20 years of experience between them. 0-3 years is the most important stage of a child’s development and our Toddler class covers all your child will be exposed to in an international kindergarten during their K1 year. Our students become competent, confident individuals who have little trouble excelling when they start their kindergarten careers, whether it be a local or international kindergarten. 

Give your child the best start possible – Call us today to book a visit or a trial class

Address: Child Development Centre
10th Floor, Wai Hing Building
146 Prince Edward Road West, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Tel: 2337 3002

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[編輯推介] 精選興趣班及報讀優惠 – 運動及藝術篇

開學啦!還在考慮為小朋友報讀什麼興趣班或課外活動嗎? 小編精心搜羅了一些推介,部分還有早鳥優惠及其他著數,快來看看有沒有適合小朋友的課程吧! ♠ 戲劇班 ♠ 戲劇是一門動皆宜的綜合興趣班,既可同步培養小朋友對音樂、文學、舞蹈、表演等的興趣和技能,亦能鍛煉口才、增強自信心及溝通技巧、豐富想像和創意,確是非常值得推薦的課外活動!